Radiolysis of Aqueous Methane Solutions

Authors: G.C. Stevens, R.M. Clarke, E.J. Hart

The gamma-ray and electron pulse irradiation of aqueous methane and some ethane solutions is reported. The ab- sorption spectra of the CH3 and C2H5 free radicals have been measured in the wavelength range 210-270 nm. At 210 nm e(CH3) = 850 M-1 cm-1 and e(C2Hs) = 520 M-1 cm-1. The bimolecular recombination rate constants are 1.24 ± 0.2 x 109 and 0.96 ± 0.2 X 109 M-1 sec-1 for CH3 and C2H5, respectively. The rate con- stant fe(OH + CH4) = 1.21 ± 0.4 X 108 M-1 sec-1; k(CHa + H202) = 3.5 X 107 M-1 sec-1. The yields G(-CH4), G(C2H6), G(H2), G(H2Ó2), and G(N2) for N20-CH4 solutions are reported for some acid, neutral, and alkaline solutions. A radiolysis mechanism is also given.

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