Nitrogen compounds’ formation in aqueous solutions under high ionizing radiation: An overview

Authors: G.R. Dey

Generation of NO-3 and NO-2 in aqueous phase within high ionizing radiation zone is normal phenomena. Their formation mechanisms, and controls still remain a challenge with reference to creation of corrosive environment. Nitrogen in such system relates mainly to air ingress, and from added nitrogen compounds, which are used to control pH and dissolved oxygen. Under radiation environment these compounds receive low to high doses, which affect the compounds’ subsequent aqueous chemistry, leading to NO-2 / NO3- formation. In g-radiolysis of N -water, formation of NO-3 takes place both in gas and liquid phases reactions wherein OH remains a significant contributor. On the other hand, in aerated aqueous ammonia/azide radiolysis, NO-2 was generated following different mechanisms. With this diverse chemical changes, our objective was to analyze the data generated so far on nitrogen, and its specific compounds in aqueous media for systematic understanding and for further growth in the subject.

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